Primitve Reflex Integration with MNRI

What to expect during your visit

Lara has studied with the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute and has learned methods of assessing and integrating the primary/primitive reflexes using the MNRI method.

Primitive reflexes emerge in utero and then develop to become integrated into the child’s normal development. Sometimes the primitive reflexes do not integrate as well as they should which may result in a delay of the neurodevelopment of a child.

The assessment will be unique to your child’s needs.  After our initial meeting, you’ll be given information as needed, along with any advice and home programme.

Lara has a Bachelor of Science, with a double major in Anatomy and Physiology (1994), Masters in Chiropractic (1996), Masters in Chiropractic (Paediatrics) (2003). She is a Fellow and former chair of the Royal College of Chiropractors’ Specialist Faculty of Pregnancy and Paediatrics.

Lara has completed the MNRI courses below

Archetype Movement

Archetype movements crawling

Archetype movements underly the primitive reflex motor patterns. Using the techniques learned from the MNRI method, Lara is able to assess and integrate aberrant archetype movements. 




Skin, our largest organ, forms the boundary between our physical being and the outside world. It also houses the NeuroTactile system, which allows the body to access NeuroTactile sensations from the outsideworld. A person can either have a hypersensitive NeuroTactile system where clothes and labels may be an irritation for them. Or be hyposensitive where the person will seek out touch and hugs, ie be sensory seeking.

Using techniques learned from MNRI, Lara is able to assess, activate, and integrate NeuroTactile sensitivities. She is also able to  create MNRI NeuroTactile integration programs for individual clients.

Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration

How your child functions


With a thorough assessment, Lara can determine if your child is developing appropriately for their age. Primitive reflexes form part of this assessment as well as functional neurological testing. This assessment is performed in the clinic and no invasive techniques are required.

“Primary motor reflex patterns emerge along a predictable developmental continuum, with each successive reflex emerging to secure a child’s survival and protection as his system matures and advances.
When adequately engaged, each reflex anchors neurologically more deeply a physiological, emotional and psychological sense of security, freeing an infant to focus on exploring, learning, and fully advancing through all stages of primary motor reflex maturation. It is through this complete integration process that primary motor reflex patterns form the foundation for related motor reflex schemes (sitting up, crawling, walking, etc) to mature and for each of us to reach our full potential over time, anchoring emotional and behavioral regulation, and advancing motor, communication, and cognitive learning. Congenital disorders or traumatic events that occur in utero, at birth, or anytime after birth can interrupt the activation, maturation and
integration of a primary motor reflex pattern. Depending upon the number of reflexes impacted and the maturational deficits of each impacted reflex, a broad spectrum of life challenges can occur.”

Using MNRI techniques Lara is able to assess,  pattern and integrate primary motor reflex patterns. She is also able to  create MNRI primary motor reflex integration programs for individual clients.

Trauma and PTSD Recovery

Healing hands – recovery

MNRI® REFLEX INTEGRATION AND PTSD RECOVERY program can be used with children and adults
with challenging behaviours and immature emotional spheres resulting in PTSD, with the PTS memory deficits; motor and speech delays; poor social skills and disorientation, decoding and modelling and “mapping” and imitating problems; and, as a stress/distress release program.”  Using this MNRI Programme Lara is able to -Conduct assessments to discover nonintegrated or immature reflex patterns
causing protective responses and emotional and behavioral challenges.
-Develop individual programs using this MNRI® Program to repattern, activate, and integrate these reflex patterns.
-Work with specific techniques for dysfunctional and pathological reflex patterns.
-Explore non-verbal techniques of reflex integration in reconstruction of positive protective mechanisms.
-Explore the possibilities of positive changes in body structure, posture, and movements, emotional and cognitive presence, and behaviour.
– Apply this MNRI® Program to develop individual corrective programs based on assessment techniques and exercises for integration of given reflexes to enhance overall emotional, motivational, behavioural, and motor challenges.

Getting Started - Rebalance

RebalancePutting it all together.

How to get started?

An initial consultation is the first step. We will talk and find out about your child’s lifestyle and needs. This will be followed by an assessment so we know the best place to start. The assessment puts all of the above elements together and provides us with a picture of how your child is developing at this time. At the end of your visit, you will be given a verbal and pictorial report and advised if any further steps and or home programme is needed to help your child reach their full potential.

Rebalance Programme

Putting it all together

As a well rounded Health Care Professional Lara is able to put the elements of posture, nutrition and neurology together so that a tailor-made programme can be designed for your child. Helping your child to reach their full potential.